Jumbo the Clothing Co., has an exciting opportunity for a National Visual Merchandiser who will be based in East London. The National Visual Merchandiser will manage JUMBO stores nationally. Jumbo currently has 85 stores in total. We have one (1) vacancy to fill.

The purpose of this position is for National Visual Merchandising to establish Jumbo as a brand in line with set standards.  To contribute creative thought to promote product, conceptualizing and implementing focal statements. Implement displays that show a flare for fashion and garment co-ordination, in line with category sales contributors and seasonal trends, interpreted to the Jumbo customer profile. Working as part of a team and groom staff, ensuring that a high level of attention to detail is applied in stores and those deadlines are met in accordance with directives from Head Office.

Key Accountabilities


  • Design floor plans that encourage easy flow of foot traffic, allowing customers to view maximum product variety whilst ensuring key lifestyles are easy to locate.
  • Ensure shrinkage is minimised through strategically placed fixtures.
  • Fixtures/rails must be aligned to floor plan, lined up with precision and allow adequate spacing for ease of the shopping customer.
  • Monitor adequate lighting to promote product and emphasize select product, using space and lighting creatively.
  • Identify primary/ secondary/ tertiary locations within the store and department areas and implement product flow principles to ensure that the store displays look new and fresh.
  • Maintain merchandise fixture inventory, monitoring functionality and report on store needs, sourcing materials where necessary e.g. models, props, equipment, signage, accessories, steam irons.


  • Merchandising fixtures, rails and shelving are in good repair and clean.
  • Floors, walls, windows, mirrors are in good repair and clean.
  • Correct hangers are in use, in good repair and clean.
  • The floor is clear, except for appropriately merchandised product
  • Pelmets are tidy and/or appropriately merchandised.


  • Have a general understanding of the role, function and processes of the Buying Department and how this impacts at store level.
  • Keep the Merchandising Manual updated, amending it where necessary to include the best principles devised.
  • Ensure that stores have a copy of Merchandising Manual and all staff are familiar and understand its contents.
  • Ensure merchandising principles are implemented and maintained.
  • Ensure all store management is taken through merchandising principles and sign a copy as confirmation thereof.
  • Ensure the correct utilization of space in line with key indicators such as stock holding and turnover per m2 comparisons, as well as peak and low season periods.
  • Regularly change window displays and implement display directives from Head Office.
  • With knowledge of current and future trends and activities in fashion, design and culture, create eye-catching focal displays that enhance product appeal and turnover, assisting in the installing and dismantling of displays.
  • Implement promotional product displays, informing stores in advance of merchandising plans and preparation.
  • Move stock through the ABC locations of importance and re-coordinate to create freshness and new appeal.
  • Understand the Quality Assurance touch points, address product quality issues, as well as soiled or damaged stock.
  • Oversee the housing of stock in stock rooms, ensuring that standards and principles are being maintained, and that the floor is sufficiently replenished.
  • Oversee that lay-byes, hangers and unused fixtures are correctly stored and addressed.
  • Report and address stock found in unauthorised locations e.g. office, kitchen, behind cash desk, including hidden/saved/put aside stock.
  • Ensure that all stock displayed on the floor is presentable, steam ironed, trims on garments are dressed correctly and that dump dins are tidy.
  • Inventory management – in the course of completing visual merchandising tasks assist with general store stock activities including IBTin, IBTout, inventory checks, ticket markdowns etc.


  • Have a general understanding of the role, function and processes of the Marketing Department and how this impacts at store level.
  • Keep abreast of the Marketing calendar including rollout requirements, implementation of marketing elements and promotional launch dates – ensure implementation of directives.
  • Ensure that the Marketing Guideline document with regards to application of marketing material is updated, understood by store staff and implemented.
  • Report on condition and relevance if external, window and internal signage/marketing material (including directive signage and cash desk presentation).
  • Contribute creative ideas and promotional strategies that could enhance turnover.
  • Ensure implementation of Marketing directives in stores.
  • Create promotional awareness and excitement amongst staff in store.
  • Maintain standards for housing and address marketing material and signage that is not in use.



  • Meet with the Marketing and Buying Teams weekly for updates on upcoming actions needing to be executed in store and ensuring that all points are communicated and understood.


  • When entering a store, report to the Store Manager to discuss the purpose for the visit and to understand the needs, concerns and ideas of the Store Manager with regards to Merchandising. Review with staff communication from Head Office to stores with regards to merchandising.
  • Discuss the staff who you intend to work with during the visit and adapt according to the day’s tasks with regards to general store operations.
  • Complete a written report on each store visit, to be discussed with and understood by the Store Manager.
  • Provide Area Managers and Operations Manager with weekly and monthly updates / reports. Give further direction to stores by sending out visual merchandising packs/memorandums.


  • Train store staff in developing merchandising skills and ensure adherence to merchandising principles and marketing guidelines.
  • Identify and groom individuals to take on the further responsibility of managing the merchandising for a group of stores.
  • Oversee and take responsibility for the staff appointed.
  • Display confidence in product knowledge e.g. trends, fabrics, designed silhouettes etc.
  • Educate staff and enhance their product knowledge highlighting desirable qualities of garments, inspiring them to discuss product in an appealing way with customer that will encourage sales.


  • Develop ways to attain customer feedback (e.g. questionnaires) and report findings to Head Office.
  • Monitor customer habits and reactions to product, in particular during marketing campaigns and report findings to Head Office.


  • Understand the function and processes of Warehouse & Logistics with regards to the store delivery days and following up on the dispatching of promotional materials.
Minimum requirements for the job:

(You must be able to answer “YES” to all requirements listed below)

  •  Matric Certificate.
  • Certificate or Diploma in Retail/Business Management preferable.
  • Valid Driver’s Licence – Code 8 unendorsed
  • 5-8 years experience in a similar capacity as an operations manager (clothing retail experience is preferred)


  • MIE Criminal, Fraud, Qualification Verification & Combined Credit Checks
  • Computer and Psychometric assessments
  • Reference checks

If you believe that you qualify and are looking for a challenging career requiring unquestionable commitment and passion, and wish to apply, kindly telefax your CV together with your motivational letter in support of your application to 086 604 4702. Closing date for applications will be 23 April 2021.

It should be remembered that any placement made, will be at Managements discretion. If you have not been contacted one (1) week after the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful. Only suitably qualified persons need apply.